Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Buongiorno from the Hive.

Hello there! I'm back to the land of internet. I unfortunately had to pay €3 for an hour at my last hotel so I was very limited on Internet usage. I arrived in Rome today. But first let me tell you about Venice. Venice is as beautiful as you would imagine it to be. There is a photo waiting to be taken around every corner and down every alley. I didn't know where to start. But I found a place and eventually couldn't stop. I really  liked Venice a lot, it was fun just wondering around and getting lost. There wasn't tons to do in Venice besides boat rides and a few cathedrals. It was very touristy there. I think i saw more Asians then Italians. They really really like taking pictures....of everything. All I did in Venice is walk around and take lots of photos. I was definitely content with that. The people in venice seemed much more friendly then the Parisians..I don't think that's too hard though. It had snowed the day of my train ride into Venice so the country side was glittering with fresh white snow. It was gorgeous. Train travel may take longer especially on the cheaper slower trains but the views are definitely worth the time. I left Venice this morning and was off to Roma. Another beautiful train ride. I am staying at a really cool place called The BeeHive Hotel. Half hotel half hostel. It's very homey feeling and super clean and modern. There are three witnesses here from Vegas and we are spending the day together tomorrow. I really needed that. It gets lonely doing EVERYTHING on your own. I find myself being very nosey in restaurants...I tend to place myself in people conversations even if I cant understand them..who thought I could be anymore nosey. 

Important numbers to remember.

5- the number of times I tripped going up stairs at museums, up metro steps, and in doorways.

3- the number of men I saw peeing in public places (metro, side of busy roads)

7- the number of people in my dorm room besides myself.

2- the number of  "Hotel Florida's" I have seen in Italy so far.

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  1. Hi this is Fabio! Happy to hear that u enjoied Venice! The description that you have written doesn't surprise me. Did you meet Erika's uncle? I tried to call u yesterday, weren't you still in Dublin? Anyway, was a pleasure to meet u and hope to keep in touch for long, have a good trip in the way back home! ;)