Sunday, December 9, 2012


Well it has been awhile. I had very ad Internet connection in Paris so I wasn't able keep you up day by day as I would have liked to.  I will try to break each day down the best I can. 

Wednesday, December 5th.

I took the Eurostar from Ashford (where Rachel and Adrian live) directly into Gar Du Nord. After I put my big back pack in a locker for the day I took off to explore. I must say I was very very overwhelmed. If I am being honest I felt a bit overwhelmed the whole time I was in Paris. I seemed to be walking in circles, or squares, or ovals... But I felt like I wasnt getting anywhere. I did a bit of shopping but didn't buy much. The rain came in the late afternoon and that was that. I was wet and very cold. The bright side was only my right foot was soaking wet. I didn't see anything super substantial that day. I felt kind of like Forrest Gump most of my trip... When he starts running and growing the beard..he says I just kept running and running...well I felt that way except I was walking. I just kept walking..and walking. I stayed with a couple outside of the city. They are related too sister from congregation in Tallaght. They didn't speak much english but they were very kind and sweet.

Thursday, December 6th

I started my day off at  the Louvre. It was as big as I thought it would be so I did my best to see the things I could in just a half a day. Of course I saw the Mona Lisa but it was a bit disappointing. It's a lot smaller than you think it would be. I found many other paintings and exhibits  to be far more interesting and beautiful. When I walked out of the Louvre I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time (this trip) and it never fails to take my breath away. It is so iconically Paris. I had a hard time with the language barrier. I felt very stupid and very  American the whole time I was there. You may think you have style or that you may even be up on a certain trend ...not in Paris. You will most likely always feel under dressed or out of style. Parisians just carry themselves in a way that screams class and style.

Friday, December 7th

This was a Modern Art kind of day. I went to two modern art museums. The second Centre Georges-Pompidou was my favorite thing in Paris. The exhibits were on the 4th and 6th floor so it gave me  great view of Paris. The exhibits were really great. The creativity of the artists really blew  me away. There was also an amazing Dali exhibit... That man was cray but he had talent. My plan was to get the lift to the top of the Eiffel tower on my last night... But of course it was closed. Probably the continuous lovely rain.

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  1. Hey Brandon just started reading your blog!! Loves it!! Cool meetin u in Rome at the beehive!!! Come to Vegas when u can!! Loved Paris and really loved the witnesses there!!