Monday, December 3, 2012

One Potato. Two Potato. Three Potato...Four

Coming to you from Dublin airport. My backpacks are full and I'm ready for part two of my trip. I am headed to to England today! I will be staying with Rachel and Adrian for the next two nights. I didn't take the weekend trip to Galway. I went just for a day with Michelle, Phillip, and a brother named Simon. He is....very English. We were meant to see the cliffs of moher on the way out to Galway. The cliffs of Moher are better known for there debut in The Princess Bride as "The Cliffs of Insanity". We had no chance of seeing them though...we could barely see ten feet in front of our faces because of the lovely Irish fog. Saturday we went to Glendalough. Its a quaint  little place in the mountains with medievil ruins and amazing views of the the many hills and valleys. One of my favorite places so far. You must google Glendalough (or wait to see my photos) Saturday night we went to Johnny Foxes the highest pub in Ireland. All the locals don't like it because they say it's touristy and loud...I must say that I loved. The Guinness was great and the atmosphere was very inviting and cozy on a cold wet night. I ran into a couple that is here for two months from Orlando... Praybin and Jasmine...they say hey hey Koronda!!

Things I learned this week.

- If you own a television you have to pay a yearly TV license. This fee is due whether you have cable or not. There are vans that drive around neighborhoods searching for TV owners that don't have a license. This made me very confused and distraught.

- In Tallaght (and maybe many other places) contact solution is not sold in grocery or convenient stores. Only in pharmacies that close at 6pm. No Rub solution costs between €11- €18.

- The whole potato thing is not a stereotype.We ate dinner at a pub in Galway. The meal consisted of turkey, veggies, and 3 different types of potato. (fries, mashed, and mashed potatoes in a fried cylinder type thing.)

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  1. We ran into the same problem with the pharmacies. I can't remember what we were buying... I got a nail file and David needed a razor. They didn't have THOSE things at the grocery store. Weird! Have fun on the second part of your trip, be safe. Feed the birds!